Data Center
Remote Hands & Management in
Dallas, Texas

L20 Technologies specializes in providing on-site data center assistance and infrastructure management solutions in cities across the State of Texas. Our headquarters and base of operations is located in Dallas, Texas. However, we also provide services within the cities of Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

Remote Hands

Our team provides data center remote hands and colocation management services to businesses based locally and internationally. If your business or organization stores hardware within any data center in cities located North or Central Texas, we can help. We have to ability to provide your organization with a much more comprehensive and all-inclusive management solution at a competitive rate, saving you both money and time in the long run. Our in-house, experienced and independent data center technicians are available for both scheduled services and emergency assistance. Our overall goal is to help you achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in your IT operations.

Hands and Eyes

Schedule a dispatch with us and on-site data center remote hands assistance will be provided.

  • Visual Verifications & Relaying Information
  • Power Cycling
  • Working Remotely Alongside Your Team
  • Operating System Provisioning
  • Linux Server Management
  • Level III Troubleshooting
  • Data Center Smart Hands

Infrastructure Management

An unrivaled, first-rate management solution provided by expert data center technicians.

  • Hardware Installation & Replacement
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Rack and Stack
  • Cable and Equipment Labeling
  • Migrating Equipment
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • DCIM Integration

Service Features

  • Highly Experienced Data Center Technicians
  • Excellent Manner, English Fluency & Professional Customer Service
  • Emergency Rapid Response & On-call Services Available
  • Dedicated Technician Committed To Your Success

Benefits & Advantages

  • 50% Less Expensive
  • 99% More Efficient
  • 100% Undivided Attention
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Method

Contact Us

Drop us a line letting us know what you need, when you need it and how often.

Schedule a Dispatch

We'll work with you to schedule a convenient time and date to handle all your tasks.

Data Center Assistance

Work alongside a remote technician who will be your hands and eyes on-site.

Service Levels

We provide services to businesses of all sizes—even if you're just a startup with a few cabinets or a large business with a cage, we can help. If you have any custom requirements, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate them.


Level I

Scheduled Services

Dedicated Technician

Service Single Data Center

Minimum of Ten Hours Each Month

Manage up to Five Full Cabinets

Eight Hour Active Response Time

24/7 Emergency Availability¹


Level II

Scheduled Services

Dedicated Technician

Service Multiple Data Centers

Minimum of Thirty Hours Each Month

Manage up to Twenty Full Cabinets

Four Hour Active Response Time

24/7 Emergency Availability¹


Level III

Scheduled Services

Dedicated Technician

Service Multiple Data Centers

Minimum of Sixty Hours Each Month

Manage up to Sixty Full Cabinets

Two Hour Active Response Time

24/7 Emergency Availability¹

¹ Available as an additional service and/or option.

Data Centers We Work In

Don't see your colocation provider or operate your own server room? Don't worry—we'll service any facility within our coverage areas.
Here are some of the data centers in which we provide our management services.

Coverage Areas

In Dallas and Fort Worth, we offer scheduled services as well as emergency availability combined with rapid incident response. Scheduled services are available within the cities of Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Additional coverage areas that include the cities of Chicago and New York City are coming soon.

Dallas, Texas

Scheduled & Emergency

Fort Worth, Texas

Scheduled & Emergency

Austin, Texas

Scheduled Only

Houston, Texas

Scheduled Only

San Antonio, Texas

Scheduled Only

Chicago, Illinois

Coming Soon

New York City

Coming Soon

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Managed Services

Interested in any of our premium managed services? Contact us to learn more on how to get started.

Linux Server Management

Our Linux server management service is an all-inclusive solution that includes optimization and monitoring.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

We deploy high security IT solutions that can help your business achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Managed Security Services

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored for businesses that transmit or store sensitive data.

Fully Managed Colocation

L20 specializes in providing fully managed colocation solutions that include routine on-site management and assistance.

Migration Assistance

We help transfer existing environments over to another data center while minimizing risk and downtime.

Monitoring & Backup Services

We'll keep a watchful eye on your infrastructure around-the-clock while also regularly generating backups of your data.

Enterprise VPN Solutions

Increase security by implementing a VPN solution that will limit remote access to your sensitive applications.

IT Deployment & Consulting

Assess, plan and deploy; proficient IT deployment and consulting services provided by the leadership team at L20.

Project Management

Our engineers will design, deploy and manage your IT projects guaranteed to meet all current and future requirements.

Why Choose Us

Reasons why you should choose us for your next IT project.

About Us

L20 Technologies LLC is a privately owned company founded in late 2012. Our team manages infrastructure and equipment within data centers located in cities across the State of Texas. Whether you're just a small startup or a large business, our dedicated and experienced leadership team is able to provide a management solution that meets your IT needs from end-to-end. Each of our managed IT services is best-in-class and we're constantly improving our services even further to better serve our customers.

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