Remote Hands

L20 Technologies provides data center remote hands services to businesses across the globe.

Our experts are available to work alongside your remote team during any tasks, projects or maintenance windows.

If you're searching for a trusted data center technician and reliable asset in Texas to perform routine data center management, look no further.

Our overall goal is to help businesses achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

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Coverage Areas

L20 offers services within data centers located in cities across the State of Texas including but not limited to Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Our coverage extends to surrounding suburbs such as Plano, Richardson and Irving.

Experienced field technicians will travel to any data center facility and perform tasks per your instructions.

If you have any custom requirements, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

Unrivaled Solutions

In comparison to standard services provided by colocation providers, L20 provides a much more advanced and comprehensive solution. Standard remote hands generally covers basic tasks such as reboots and moving a KVM from server to server, whereas we provide full on-site management services provided by expert technicians who will handle all on-site tasks as needed.

Every day we strive to provide the best customer service possible. All our technicians are professional and skilled with strong technical backgrounds. If your business currently relies on the data center to provide your remote hands, we can provide you with a much more comprehensive and all-inclusive solution to help manage your infrastructure on a regular basis.


Starting at


Per Cabinet, Per Month

  • Minimum 10 Cabinets
  • 20 Monthly Service Hours
  • Scheduled Services
  • Service Multiple Data Centers

Starting at


Per Cabinet, Per Month

  • Minimum 20 Cabinets
  • 40 Monthly Service Hours
  • Scheduled Services
  • Service Multiple Data Centers

Starting at


Per Cabinet, Per Month

  • Minimum 40 Cabinets
  • 80 Monthly Service Hours
  • Scheduled Services
  • Service Multiple Data Centers


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Included Services

Hardware Configuration

L20 experts perform custom hardware configurations to servers such as adding RAM and swapping bad drives.

Remote Access

Our technicians will provide remote out-of-band console access to your equipment whenever required.

Power Cycling

When the need arises, our team of technicians are available to power cycle or reboot equipment.

Shipment Retrieval

We'll retrieve shipments upon delivery to the data center. In addition, we provide outbound packaging and shipping.

Inventory Control

Asset management included to help your organization avoid delays on custom server deployments and projects.

Technology Refresh

We're available to assist your business in decommissioning old assets and replacing them with the latest technology.

Infomart Coverage

Our primary office is located within the Infomart, a carrier hotel that serves as the primary interconnection hub for networks within the United States. The Infomart is the ideal option for global businesses searching for telecommunication and colocation providers in Dallas, Texas. We offer special pricing starting at only $599/month for professional services provided in any facility within the building.

  • Remote Hands
  • 10 Monthly Service Hours
  • $599/month
  • Get Started

  • Remote Hands
  • 20 Monthly Service Hours
  • $1099/month
  • Get Started

About Us

L20 Technologies was founded in late 2012 and began operations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas by providing best-in-class data center remote hands services to businesses across the globe.

Our team manages infrastructure deployed within data centers located in the State of Texas on behalf of businesses based within the United States and internationally.

Whether you're just a small startup or a large business, our dedicated and experienced team is capable of providing a management solution that meets your requirements.

Businesses across many different industries rely on us to make sure their infrastructure is managed routinely and appropriately. If your business requires routine on-site data center management, get in touch today.

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